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Speak Easy

One of our favorite stories heard told by our ‘Pap’ was his childhood experience of a moonshine operation ran from his home. In their otherwise ordinary farm house there was always one room that the children were not allowed to go in. His father was alleged to be a Shaman and perform sacred rituals in that room. No one knows for sure if this is true; but, what we do know is that spirits of one kind, or another, were most definitely being invoked in that room. Pap didn’t have to look any further than his backyard to know. How? A yard full of stumbling chickens drunk from the fermented mash they were fed!! (Not to mention the touring car with it’s hollowed out seat that he would routinely see making pick-ups…)

Our Speakeasy makes the perfect location for your: Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Groomsman Man Cave, Cocktail Hour, Baby Shower, Anniversary Party… and the list goes on!!! CLICK HERE to request more information and full details of our Speakeasy Package.

Here are just a few conveniences and inclusions:
  • Selection of tables (round, rectangle, and/or pub)
  • Chairs (black chiavari or white resin)
  • Handicap accessible parking, restrooms, and entrance
  • Off street parking
  • RAMP certified bartender

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