Whispering Oaks Vineyard
Our Story

In 2010 the first acre of vineyard was planted with wine grapes well suited for the Susquehanna Valley, including Catawba, Cayuga White, Traminette, Chambourcin, and Vignoles. In 2011 an additional acre of Traminette and Chambourcin grapevines were planted. Since planting the first grapes our winemaker, Ryan, has immersed himself in the study of viticulture (the study of growing grapes) and enology (the study of winemaking). His hard work and dedication have paid off; in 2013 we harvested our first grapes and in 2014 we were able to enjoy the wines made from that harvest.

Our family takes great pride in what we have established, and great pleasure in being able to share the fruits of our labor with friends, old and new, near and far. Aristotle made the observation that within every acorn lies what it takes to become the mighty oak. We might add that within every rootstock lies what it takes to become a fine glass of wine.

With our talented team, scenic location, accommodating building, and appealing wine selection, Whispering Oaks Vineyard
is sure to become a favorite stop. Customers who experience Whispering Oaks Vineyard will understand why we say...
“The Difference is in Our Roots”.

Please enjoy this video, a collection of our favorite moments from rootstock to wine.

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